21 Savage explains the delay in the sequel to the ‘Savage Mode’


As one of the best joint projects being part of hip hop history, the success of 21 Savage and Metro Boomin “Savage Mode” broke records in 2016. The project left singles like ‘No Heart’ that has brought both 21 and Subway to confirm a sequel mixtape

However neither Metro nor 21 have confirmed the new project launch date, prompting fans to keep asking about the status of the project. In an Instagram Live session, 21 made it clear what is delaying the long-awaited project.


“Savage Mode is on the road man,” said 21 in the video. “You know, I have to perfect my shit. Shit takes time. I’m going to put a lot of hard work into my shit. I’m not about to drop anything. My shit has to be difficult, so it will take a little longer, you know what I’m saying? ”

Shortly after Live ended, Metro Boomin answered a fan’s question about why 21 hasn’t been on Twitter as much and echoed the sentiments of 21. “He has been working hard,” Metro concluded.

The anticipation for “Savage Mode 2” dates back to 2019 when 21 Savage performed in Los Angeles with Metro Boomin. Before the successful producer left the stage, 21 triggered the arrival of the film, with a massive roar from the crowd “Savage Mode 2 is on the way,” he said.

Since then, 21 again confirmed that the project would be underway, as well as a tentative launch date of March 13. The date passed with no album in sight; which we hope will change soon and we can enjoy “Savage Mode 2”.


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