2022 Honda Civic Prototype Introduced In Fan-Bold Design


The prototype of the 2022 Honda Civic, which raises expectations for the 11th generation of the Civic, one of the most iconic models in the automobile world, was officially shown. Although the new Civic has similar dimensions to the current model, it appears to be a lower profile and wider vehicle.

Civic, one of the most popular car series of Japanese tech giant Honda, has finally unveiled the prototype of the 11th generation Honda Civic, which will celebrate its 50th birthday just two years later, and Honda will meet car lovers in its 50th year.

Compared to the current model, the 2022 Honda Civic has a relatively less sporty but more ‘muscular’ appearance. Honda says the prototype is largely a preview of the model that will go into mass production, although we can only see the prototype of the new Civic, which will be built on the same platform as the current Civic model.

2022 Honda Civic aims to offer a lower profile in the same dimensions

Looking from the front, we see that the 2022 Honda Civic offers a remarkable design update with a much more visible grille design and LED daytime running lights. While the design looks simpler compared to the 2020 Honda Civic, the Civic’s sporty and ‘youthful’ spirit is preserved.

In addition to having the same platform as the current model, the new Civic has almost the same dimensions and low profile. However, Honda states that while updating the design, they aim to make the vehicle look lower profile and wider even though it is the same size.

When we look at the rear of the vehicle, we see a more classic looking but modernized stop design compared to the current model. While the dual tailpipes give the new Civic a sporty look; Solar Flare Pearl color option and 19-inch black wheels, which will also appear in the serial production model, support this sporty design.

We bid farewell to coupe in 2022 Honda Civic

Perhaps the most important detail about the exterior design of the 2022 Honda Civic is that the vehicle will not only come with sedan and hatchback body options. Because Honda stated that the coupe model will end with the new Civic. However, the Si sedan and Type R hatchback models will continue to exist in the next generation.

Honda just shared a simple concept design image for the interior of the 2022 Civic. When we examine the image in question, we see that the new Civic will have an interior design similar to the fully electric Honda E. Honda states that while creating the interior, the focus is on ergonomics and visibility.

2022 Honda Civic promises a simpler interior

The biggest notable changes regarding the interior design are the section with a solid honeycomb-like texture that extends from the dashboard to the passenger side. HVAC vents are hidden inside this section. In addition, the infotainment screen has been moved from the inside of the control panel to the top.

Speaking of the infotainment screen; The screen, which is 7 inches in size in the current model, will appear as 9 inches in the 2022 Civic. Additionally, the new Civic will be the first Honda model to feature a fully digital instrument cluster. At the security point, the 2022 Civic will receive Honda Sensing active safety equipment as standard. Although Honda does not share much information about safety, he stated that the vehicle will have multiple active and passive safety features.

First of all, it should not be forgotten that the model, whose features we have described and shared the images of in this article, is a prototype. The real 2022 Honda Civic is expected to be introduced in the first quarter of next year, as all currently unknown features of the vehicle will emerge during this demonstration. Estimates are that the new Honda Civic will be available at the same price as the current model or with a small price increase.

Official video released for the 2022 Honda Civic prototype:


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