2022 BMW iNext photos leaked! Here are the photos


BMW introduced its concept vehicle called Vision iNext in 2018. The company started testing the model, which is known to be introduced in 2021. 2022 BMW iNext test photos leaked.

2022 BMW iNext photos leaked

The iNext model, which will appear as a Crossover SUV, draws attention with its similarity to the X5 model. Called the benchmark for the company, iNext will contain many features expected to be added to other models in the short and medium term.

The 100 percent electric model will go down in history as the first BMW model to have autonomous driving capability. The company announced that the new model will come with level 3 autonomous driving, although level 4 autonomous driving systems are ready, they will not be offered to end users due to infrastructure and legal regulations.

Due to the limited number of level 4 autonomous driving opportunities within the framework of existing traffic rules and laws, many brands cannot open their new technologies to the end user. This problem is expected to be resolved within 10 years for many countries.

The iNext, which will be introduced with the fifth generation EV technology integrated with BMW’s CLAR modular platform, will be produced in Dingolfing factory. The iNext model is expected to be released under the model name iX or iX5 and with a range of more than 650 km.


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