2022 already dispels Anna De Armas’ fears


Ana de Armas is one of the biggest rising stars in Hollywood, and the year 2022 has already dispelled the fears associated with the typification of the actress. Armas was born in Cuba and began her acting career, starring in various Spanish-language films and TV series, including starring in El Internado (Intern) from 2007 to 2010. Armas switched to English-speaking roles in the mid-2010s, supporting roles in high-budget productions, including the role of Iz in “War Dogs” and Joy in “Blade Runner 2049”.

“Get the Knives” subsequently further strengthened the reputation of Ana de Armas, as her leading role in the popular 2019 detective story received several award nominations, including one for the Golden Globe. Since then, the projects in which Armas took part have mostly been militants. De Armas played a small but memorable appearance in the movie “It’s Not Time to Die”, she starred in the Netflix action movie “The Gray Man” and will play the main role in John Wick’s spin-off “Ballerina”. The frequency of her recent action movies has certainly caused concern in some quarters that Ana de Armas will be typecast in the future if she creates a reputation for being able to play only a certain style of character. Many actors, like Tom Felton from Harry Potter, felt the consequences of being typical characters, which limited the range of roles they could take on.

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Nevertheless, the past roles of Ana de Armas and other future films in which she participates should be enough to resolve the dispute about whether she can succeed not only in action films. Before the flurry of action films, Armas’ filmography covered several genres, including dramas, romantic comedies and science fiction. Now, in 2022, Ana de Armas has already starred in the psychological thriller “Deep Waters” and is going to play Marilyn Monroe in the fictionalized drama “Blonde”, which can be decisive for the career of a rising star.

“Blonde” may become the best film of Ana De Armas

There’s already some controversy surrounding “Blonde” because of its NC-17 rating, a first for a Netflix movie, but the movie’s trailer teases Ana de Armas’ stellar performance. The actress bears a striking resemblance to Monroe and skillfully conveys the personality of the troubled icon in the one-minute trailer, and although it only gives an idea of her performance, this should already be enough to dispel fears that she is not capable of. the game is outside of action movies. In addition to this, Joyce Carol Oates, the author of the book on which “Blonde” is based, praised the film at an early screening of the film and, in particular, noted de Armas’ performance.

In addition to the fact that the Blonde helps her avoid being tied to certain roles, she can also bring Ana de Armas a lot of nominations and awards from major film associations, since the images of celebrities usually succeed during the awards season. At the 94th Academy Awards Ceremony in 2022, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Stewart and Nicole Kidman were three of the five nominees for Best Actress, and they all played historical figures in their films. This bodes well for Ana de Armas, as she could be more selective in her future projects if she secured worldwide recognition for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe, which would further allow her to avoid being considered a pure action star.