2021 model Porsche Taycan with new charging technology


Porsche announced the innovations awaiting drivers in the 2021 model of its electric car named Taycan. A new charging technology called Plug & Charge will be presented in the electric sports car. Thanks to this technology, vehicle owners will be able to pay for the energy they receive automatically after plugging their cars. There will be no need for an extra application or card transaction.

This system, based on the ISO 15118 standard, will be used at Electrify America’s charging stations in the USA from next year. Vehicle owners will be able to activate the battery protection feature in the new Taycan. When this feature is activated, speed can be reduced from 270 kW to 200 kW in DC fast charging units. This will help those who have time for a longer break to save their batteries.

The 2021 model Taycan has a colorful dial in its cabin. In addition, SmartLift technology will automatically adjust the Taycan’s ride height according to the positions in its memory for options carrying air suspension. In this way, bumps or bad roads will cease to be a problem for drivers, albeit a bit.

The new Taycan will accelerate a little faster than the current model. While there is no change in terms of technical capacity, Porsche’s data show that the car is faster than the first measurements.

Porsche will also offer optional software features in the new Taycan. The company will deliver these features to vehicle owners in the subscription package. This approach, called “Function on Demand”, allows vehicle owners to add features to their cars without visiting a dealer or service. These features will be sent to vehicles with software updates.

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The pre-order period for the 2021 model Porsche Taycan will begin in the last quarter of the year. The car is expected to hit the road in the first quarter of 2021.


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