2021 Mercedes EQS introduced: electric luxury sedan


Mercedes EQS: Mercedes-EQ brand’s first fully electric car in the luxury class, introduced with digital launch. The 2021 Mercedes EQS, which we can describe as the S-Class model of the electric vehicle world, draws attention with its features.

Offering a range of up to 770 kilometers and for a range of up to 300 kilometers, the Mercedes EQS can be charged in 15 minutes.

2021 Mercedes EQS impresses with its features and design

Mercedes EQS stands out as the first model based on modular architecture for luxury and high-end electric vehicles. EQS 450+ with 245 kW and EQS 580 4MATIC with 385 kW will be introduced with the EQS 580 4MATIC model.

All Mercedes EQS versions have an electric powertrain (eATS) on the rear axle, while 4MATIC versions also have an eATS on the front axle.

Mercedes EQS is offered with new generation batteries with much higher energy density. The larger of the two batteries has an energy capacity of 107.8 kWh. This figure means about 26 percent higher capacity compared to the EQC.

Offers 300 km range with 15 minutes charging

The EQS can be charged up to 200 kW in direct current fast charging stations. Only a 15-minute charge is sufficient for a range of up to 300 kilometers (WLTP). Mercedes EQS can be charged up to 22 kW with AC using the integrated charger at home or public charging points. There are also a variety of smart charging programs that can be activated automatically depending on location and functions such as battery-saving charging.


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