2021 Honda Civic Type R Prepares To Break A New Track Record


Honda aims to set a record on the Suzuka track in Japan with the new Civic Type R Limited Edition vehicle introduced earlier this year. The company shared a 15-second video with Civic Type R on this track.

Japanese auto giant Honda has managed to draw attention with its new Civic Type R car. However, the company continues on its way without contenting with what this vehicle has achieved. Honda recently introduced the new Civic Type R Limited Edition car earlier this year.

Launched limited to only 600 in the U.S., this vehicle was a lighter, more agile and more runway model of the Honda Civic Type R. Of course, Honda is also looking for a way to prove how fast this vehicle can go on the track. This time the company is on the runway in Japan.

Is a new record coming ?:

In a 15-second promotional film shared by Honda, the new Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition was spotted at full speed on the Suzuka track in Japan. The short film also ends with a click coming from the stopwatch. This probably means Honda has broken the track record in Suzuka.

Although we don’t know when the full video will come, Honda seems to have fully revealed the capabilities of the Civic Type R Limited Edition. The Suzuka track, where the company is trying to break the track in the video, belongs to Renault, the French car giant of today.

Renault is the new Megane R.S. By completing the Suzuka track with the Trophy-R car for 02:45:45, he managed to break the FWD record previously at Honda. That record, previously held by Honda, was broken with the company’s Civic Type R car. In other words, Honda is chasing the record with the new model of Civic Type R.

We will soon find out if Honda has set a new record. However, if Honda manages to break the record held by Renault with a certain difference with the new Civic Type R Limited Edition, we can say that Renault can also go through the tour record in Nurburgring.


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