2021 Ford EcoSport Active Launch Date Announced


Ford’s next car to be included in the Active series will be the 2021 Ford EcoSport. The first appearance of the vehicle will take place in November.

A few years ago, vehicles called SUVs and crossovers had taken over the US market. These vehicles, which are also popular in our country, were in great demand from all over the world. As a result, almost every vehicle started to slide into that segment.

In Europe, smaller cars more suited to the European lifestyle have managed to resist this change. Nevertheless, the bigger siblings of small cars were produced and launched, and these models were successful. Ford started to add the word Active to the name of these models bearing its own brand.

Will be the new Active EcoSport

“Our very popular Active range is being expanded to include # FordEcoSport.
Stay in line – EcoSport Active will be released on November 6th. ”

A Tweet from Ford Europe indicates that the series will begin to include EcoSport. There is also an image in the post. In the image we see the right front side of an orange EcoSport. Here the Active plate catches the eye. There is probably the slogan “Go Anywhere” under the text Active.

It is not possible to say that we have been enlightened about the features of the EcoSport Active, although it is only 1 month before the introduction of the vehicle. It is currently unknown what the vehicle’s standard equipment, engine specs and package options will be.

What should we expect from EcoSport Active?

First of all, when we look at Ford’s most popular Active series cars, Fiesta and Focus, we see that the vehicles are higher than normal. While the EcoSport is already pretty high above the ground, Ford may be planning something about it. In general, it is possible for them to make the elevation difference proportional by enlarging the vehicle a little more.

Ford says in its statement that the EcoSport Active will bring some extra capability and tough style. We will see these features of the vehicle on November 6 at the latest.


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