2020 Model Toyota Supra Appears To Be A Disguised BMW


It turns out that Toyota’s beloved sports car Supra isn’t actually a real Japanese. When the 2020 model Toyota Supra was examined closely, it was understood that it has the same design as the BMW Z4 Roadster.

Many automobile models of Toyota-based automobile giant Toyota are liked and preferred by consumers. While the company has managed to draw attention with both sedan and SUV models, it is almost a throne in the hearts with the “Supra” model. Now there has been an interesting development regarding the latest Supra model. This development reveals that Supra’s new design actually has BMW DNA.

BMW, one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world, carries out car designs with a team called “BMW Design Works”. This team was thought to only work with BMW, but apparently the truth is not so. Because the 2020 Toyota Supra is actually a BMW in disguise.

Toyota Supra consists of a modified BMW
The Toyota Supra’s engine, the chassis and some interior accessories have common equipment with BMW’s Z4 Roadster. However, the BMW Design Works team has transformed the details of the Z4 Roadster’s design into a shape that reflects the spirit of Toyota. In addition, the multimedia and information display in the Toyota Supra has been redesigned with Toyota-specific icons and logos.

Toyota worked with BMW design team to develop new Supra
The overall design similarity of the 2020 Supra and the BMW Z4 Roadster clearly shows that the two giant companies are working together. However, to date, both automobile giants have not provided any information about this partnership. Toyota was talking about various partnerships from time to time, but it seems that the company wanted to hide its partnership with one of its strong competitors in the industry.

Considering the similarity of the Toyota Supra and the BMW Z4 Roadster, we can clearly see that the Supra is not actually a Japanese, but a Bavarian. But frankly, this is not going to be much of a concern for the Suprasever because the Toyota Supra will continue to make a name, as always, with its overall look and performance.


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