2020 has been a game that simulates all your madness


The independent developer Max Garkavyy launched on Monday (18) the online game 2020 Game, a kind of interactive tribute that presents some of the main events that took place during the 365 days of 2020.

With side scroll mechanics, 2020 Game is a very simple platform game that dives into the 8-bit style of mobile and browser games with a low production budget. In a narrative way, the player goes through numerous locations and executes simple actions that make chronological references to the unforgettable year of 2020, starting the journey from a joyful 2019.

Thus, it is possible to find mentions of fires in the Amazon, where the character must save a koala in danger while escaping the fire, until the unexpected pandemic of the covid-19, which leads the player to escape the virus, collect masks and toilet papers and even even face a short period of social isolation.

If you are interested in getting to know 2020 Game and reliving the closing of stores, the stock market crashes, the rise of social networks and other moments that marked last year, just go to the official website and enjoy the game.


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