2019’s Best-Selling Phones Announced (Surprising Success of iPhones)


A research company called Omdia researched how much smartphones were selling in 2019. The research put the iPhone XR model, which Apple announced in 2018, at the top of the list. The phone, which has 46.3 million sales, is followed by iPhone 11.

The iPhone XR model, launched by the US-based technology giant Apple in 2018, managed to become one of the most popular models of the company. iPhone owners changed their phones to iPhone XR when they wanted to upgrade, while consumers who were bored with the Android operating system made their choices for the iPhone XR.

A recent study reveals how popular the iPhone XR is. The study by a market research company called Omdia reveals that the best-selling phone model in 2019 is the iPhone XR, and its competitors have had to go a long way to get the iPhone XR on its throne.

According to the market research, iPhone XR made 46.3 million sales in 2019. This amount of sales reveals that consumers’ interest in iPhone XR never decreased during 2019. Because in the version of the same research conducted in 2018, it was revealed that the sales of iPhone XR were 23.1 million.

According to Omdia’s research, the second best-selling phone model in 2019 is the iPhone 11. According to the research, iPhone 11 sold 37.3 million in 2019. This sales figure shows that the iPhone 11 is likely to hit the top in 2020.

According to the research, the best-selling phone models in 2019 are listed as follows:
According to Omdia’s research, Samsung’s entry-level phone Galaxy A10 ranks third with a sales figure of 30.3 million. This model is followed by the Galaxy A50 with a sales figure of 24.2 million. Samsung is on the top of the list, thanks to the Galaxy A20, with 19.2 million sales.

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While Apple’s iPhone XR and 11 models are the best selling phones of 2019, it can be clearly seen that the iPhone 11 Pro Max model does not have the expected effect. The phone, which has a sales figure of 17.6 million, does not seem to have affected the consumers enough with its high price and relatively large phone. In the seventh place of the list, we can see that Apple has iPhone 8, which is relatively old.

It is possible to say that Samsung and Apple performed a body show in the research conducted by Omdia. However, the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi, which is in the eighth place of the list, does not escape attention. So much so that Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 model attracted a lot of attention in 2019. Redmi Note 7, which has a sales figure of 16.4 million, says “I am too …” to Apple and Samsung.

When we come to the end of the research, we see that there are iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy J2 Core models. While the iPhone 11 Pro has a sales figure of 15.5 million, Samsung’s Galaxy J2 Core is able to attract attention with a sales figure of 15.2 million.

Best-selling smartphones of 2019

iPhone XR
iPhone 11
Galaxy A10
Galaxy A50
Galaxy A20
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 8
Redmi Note 7
iPhone 11 Pro
Galaxy J2 Core


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