2,000 hp hypercar introduced: Elation Freedom


Hyper automobiles manage to impress with their designs and technical features, just like the vehicles from the future. Elation Freedom, produced by pushing the limits of today’s technology, was introduced.

Elation Freedom introduced! Here are the features

Founded with the partnership of Mauro Saravia Acosta and Carlos Satulovsky, Elation shared the Freedom model with speed lovers after 6 years of work. The model, which attracts attention with its C8 Corvette-like design, has gull wing doors.

Elation Freedom özellikleri

The Elation Freedom, an electric hyper car, is the 4th most powerful car you can buy. The model, which attracts attention with its weight of approximately 1,650 kg, comes with two different engine options. The 0-100 km / h acceleration time of the vehicle, which will be released in two versions as 1.903 horsepower and 1.400 hp, is only 1.8 seconds.

The model, which has Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, takes driving pleasure to the next level with its electro-hydraulic suspension system. In addition, the hypercar draws attention worldwide with its front Öhlins adjustable shock absorbers.

The range of the model, which you can buy with a 100 kWh or 120 kWh battery, is specified as 482 km and 644 km, respectively. The price tag of the vehicle, whose top speed is limited to 418 km / h, is $ 2 million.


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