2,000 Bitcoin (BTC) Sell Order for $ 3, 1,000 to $ 6


Bitcoin (BTC) price has climbed to $ 25,700 as of press time and has begun new record attempts. In the meantime, it is seen that thousands of BTC were taken at levels that could be described as funny when going back only 10 years ago. So what other transactions are included in the records, which are seen as one of the first Bitcoin order books?

Pete Rizzo, co-founder of ACJR, has uncovered a very interesting Bitcoin order book from the dusty shelves of history. When we look at the transactions made using PayPal, it is seen that 1 BTC was sold for $ 0.0030.

1,000 BTC sold for $ 3

In the transaction dated April 25, 2010, it is seen that 1,000 BTC sales were made by paying only $ 3, and in addition, only 4 days after that date, this transaction was repeated in duplicate, but the transaction was canceled.

It can be said that the Bitcoin price has experienced a big change in 3 months, at least according to this order book. It is seen that BTC, which was traded at a unit price of $ 0.0030 on April 25, 2010, increased to a unit price of $ 0.0750 on August 2010. This corresponds to approximately a 25-fold increase.

It is seen that the payment for the above transactions is made through PayPal. However, BTC transfers are claimed to be made via Bitcoinmarket.com.

Bitcoin’s increase against USD

Sold at $ 0.0030 in April 2010, the price of BTC is around $ 25,700 as of press time.

  • April 2010 – December 2020 BTC Price rise against USD: 8,5666,666 times
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