$ 20 million was stolen from DeFi platform Pickle Finance


$ 20 million worth of DAI was stolen from DeFi protocol Pickle Finance. The team has not yet received a statement on the subject.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Pickle Finance lost nearly $ 20 million worth of DAI in the attack that took place today.

The attacker who exploited the vulnerability in Pickle Finance, which is a yield farming protocol similar to Yearn Finance, transferred the DAIs it obtained to 0x70178… at 21:30 and still keeps it at this address. It is stated that Tornado is used to ensure transaction confidentiality.

There is no official statement from the Pickle Finance team yet.

Attacks on DeFi platforms have increased in recent weeks. Although some of them are claimed to be “exit scam” operations carried out by the project founders personally, there is no evidence about this. There was a loss of $ 7 million in the attack on the DeFi protocol Origin just a few days ago. A few days before that, Value DeFi was hacked.

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