20 curiosities of BTS that will make you admire them much more


Learn a little more about the 7 BTS idols with these curious facts. Check out some fun facts of the members of BTS .

The boys of BTS have become a worldwide success, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook are now music celebrities who work very hard to bring their art to all parts of the world.

The group is one of the great exponents of Korean pop , they are currently preparing for the premiere of their comeback in Japanese and are planning more surprises for their faithful and powerful fandom.

The personality of the 7 idols of BTS is very striking and arouse great curiosity, their talents on stage are as incredible as outside. What would you like to know or discover the BTS singers and rappers ?

This time we bring you 20 curious facts about the Bangtan Boys that maybe you did not know or that you will be surprised to know about your favorite artists, find out some habits, behaviors and stories of the members of BTS .



  • Even though Jin enjoys being on stage surrounded by ARMY, the BTS singer often has anxiety attacks when there are a lot of people.
  • Jungkook is a very demanding person with his work, if his presentations have flaws or some altercation on stage he becomes frustrated and begins to cry.
  • Taehyung tends to behave in a very serious way, but his BTS peers say that his habits are very cute, like opening his mouth and touching everything that makes him curious.

  • BTS is one of the K-pop bands with the most awards, nominations and recognitions worldwide.
  • Park Jimin and Kim Namjoon have a mole on the same part of the body, both idols have a mole on the back of the neck, coincidence?
  • RM is a very smart boy, one of his skills is learning different languages, the BTS rapper wants to speak fluent Spanish and French to better communicate with his fans.


  • Kim Seokjin collects stuffed animals, toys and other treasures, he is very jealous of his items, so if the BTS boys get to grab any of their dolls, the biggest member of the band gets angry and explodes against them.
  • V is one of the BTS members who speaks the most alone, when he has no one to talk to, the interpreter feels very comfortable chatting with him.
  • Jin believes that number 4 gives him a lot of luck, he uses it for almost everything, more when he wants to win in someone contest or dynamic.

  • Namjoon wants to have his own clothing line, the BTS member wants to combine his passion for fashion with design.
  • Jimin is so committed to his activities as an idol that he has often put his health at risk.
  • Jungkook prefers to wear hair in dark colors, the singer believes that it is the color that best suits his features and style.
  • When they lived in the first apartment together, if someone broke the house rules they had to pay an amount of money, but soon they got rid of that method.
  • J-Hope really enjoys spring, he says it is a perfect season to do any type of activity outside.
  • When they have free time they enjoy doing their hobbies, but the boys also share their hours watching series, movies and comics.


  • One of Jimin’s biggest dreams is to be a solo artist, so he constantly performs songs to prepare for his solo debut.
  • V is one of the artists with the most signatures, the BTS idol has designed 4 types of signatures for different occasions.
  • Suga is known for his love of rest, when the rapper went to school his friends nicknamed him ‘the beautiful sleeper’.
  • RM confessed that when he has a girlfriend he would like them to capture their love in a special song that talks about the two of them.
  • V believes that Hoseok is a very mature and intelligent person, J-Hope always has the solution for any problem.

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