2 Redragon Headset Models For You To Discover


Redragon: As it is very versatile and considerably improves the lifestyle, the headset has become an essential accessory in every gamer’s routine. In addition to ensuring improvements in sound quality, the peripheral comes with increasingly interesting technologies for fans of online games, such as noise-canceling microphones, increasingly flexible connections and the possibility of being used for various purposes without compromising performance .

And among so many models and brands that invest in the manufacture of headsets aimed at the gamer audience, Redragon stands out, leader in the segment of video game peripherals that brings products focused on technology, durability and efficiency for all hours. In its portfolio in Brazil, you can find accessories of all styles, in order to help the user to buy the one that best suits their aesthetic preferences and specifications.

Check out below some Redragon headset models that can considerably improve your gaming and that are worth investing in 2021.

Redragon Lamia H320 Headset

Equipped with intelligent RGB chroma lighting and virtual 7.1 surround sound, the Lamia H320 is a cost-effective model made for gamers of all types. The accessory is dedicated to bringing comfort, thanks to high-quality cushions with memory foam material and the accompanying special support to leave the phone on during breaks, in addition to having an omnidirectional flexible microphone. It is connected via a 2 meter long USB cable.

Redragon Scylla H901 Headset

A more affordable entry-level model, the Scylla H901 is a robust, minimalist option for gamers and comes with powerful 40mm drivers to deliver good audio quality. Its highlight is the design, which is intended for use in extended sessions thanks to the durable, self-adjusting metal stem and soft ear cushions. The model includes a discreet noise-canceling microphone and comes with a 2 meter cable in P2 format and with a plug-and-play configuration.


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