2 new types of coronavirus similar to Covid-19 discovered


The pandemic continues to spread throughout the world.

The coronavirus , or Covid-19 , has put everyone on alert. The WHO declared this disease a pandemic due to the speed with which it is spread and the high numbers of infected and deceased.

Currently there is no cure, but countries like the United States, Russia and China have begun the trial period of the first vaccines to kill the virus and prevent more people from dying; however, science has discovered 2 new types of coronavirus. We tell you what we know.

According to an article in the scientific journal Nature , researchers have been conducting tests on an animal called pangolin (similar to an armadillo). Studies showed that this species is a carrier of a virus very similar to Covid-19 , it is unknown if these Cells were the cause of the pandemic, but Chinese experts continue to carry out tests to discover the origin of the coronavirus.

Tests carried out by Chinese researchers have shown that the animal has infected 5 to 3 individuals of the same species. Specialists assure that the pangolin can transmit diseases to humans, which reinforces the theory that these animals were the cause of the current pandemic .

In addition, they ask that the illegal trafficking of these species for their consumption be controlled, because with the new discovery, this new coronavirus could have the same behavior as Covid-19.


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