2 More Names Attended Companies That Canceled Their Effectiveness Due To Corona Virus


Google canceled the Next Cloud event, which it held regularly every year, due to the rapid spread of the Corona virus. The software giant said in a statement that they made this decision after negotiations with some institutions.

Every day, a new event is canceled due to the Corona virus. Many companies recently canceled their events and conferences due to the rapid spread of the virus.

One of the most important events canceled recently was Facebook’s Annual Developer Conference F8, while the other was the Mobile World Congress (WMC) organized by GSMA. Also, many companies were withdrawn from the Game Developers Conference (GDC) due to the Corona virus.

Google’s activity was also victims of the Corona virus:
Now, Google has canceled the Cloud Next 2020 conference for the same reasons. Google Cloud Next was a annual conference where Google introduced new services and features for the Cloud. Google’s statement on the subject is as follows: “Due to the increasing spread of the Corona virus, we have decided to review Cloud Next 2020, scheduled for 6 to 8 April, after cooperation with CDC, WHO and other related institutions.”

Like other canceled events, Google will be organizing Cloud Next online and anyone who wants can watch the event live. This online event will include developer sessions aside from the important parts. In addition, Adobe had to cancel the Adobe Summit event and will host an online event. The canceled event was scheduled to take place in Las Vegas.

Google’s annual conference for developers, Google I / O, can also be canceled after Google Cloud Next. This will be a very difficult decision for Google. If the spread of the Corona virus does not slow down any time soon, Google may have to cancel this meeting as well

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