2 more free Xbox games with gold for August 2022 are available a day earlier


It seems that every month Xbox Live Gold subscribers are given the opportunity to get free games earlier. This applies to the second batch of free Xbox games with Gold games for August 2022, which are not supposed to be available until August 16, but currently anyone with a Gold or Game Pass Ultimate subscription can get them.

The Xbox Free Games with Gold Status program provides players with four free games every month, and these games can be stored for free as long as one of them remains subscribed to Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate. The August 2022 offerings started on August 1 with Calico and Saints Row 2 for Xbox 360. Calico will remain available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers until it is removed from the lineup on August 31, and August 15 is the last day when fans can get Saints Row 2 for free.

Recently added free games — ScourgeBringer and Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine. ScourgeBringer is available for Xbox Live Gold subscribers until September 15, but Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine will only be available until August 31. Both games are available for purchase right now, along with other free Xbox games with Gold for August 2022. .

Xbox Games with Gold, August 2022

August 2022 will be one of the last months when Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to get four free games. Microsoft recently announced that the Xbox Free Games with Gold program will abandon 360 games at the end of this year. In fact, the last pair of Xbox 360 games released as part of the Xbox Free Games with Gold program will be offered in September 2022, since 360 games will not be released in October.

Presumably, this means that Xbox Live Gold subscribers can expect only two free games every month starting in October, which will probably make the program even less popular. The Xbox Free Games with Gold program has been regularly criticized in recent years, as Microsoft has stopped really trying to make it worthwhile, instead focusing its efforts on supporting the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

Reports from reputable sources say that Xbox Live Gold will disappear at some point, and Microsoft hopes to focus exclusively on Game Pass. Removing Xbox 360 games from the free Games with Gold line seems like a big step in this direction, although Microsoft has not yet announced plans to officially discontinue Xbox Live Gold.


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