2 methods that Xiaomi users who want to get to MIUI 12 early can apply


The new Android 11 based interface MIUI 12, which Xiaomi recently announced, is full of innovations. Although Xiaomi shows the last spring months for MIUI 12, there are some things you can do to access this interface early.

Xiaomi has officially announced its new interface MIUI 12 at an event in April . MIUI 12, which millions of consumers expect with great excitement, will offer many innovations to Xiaomi users.

So is there any way to switch to MIUI 12 now for users who don’t want to wait any longer? Now we will talk about how you can upgrade your phone without waiting for MIUI 12 .

  • Things you can do to upgrade your Xiaomi phone to MIUI 12 immediately
  • Join the MIUI 12 beta program

Both Xiaomi and other technology manufacturers are testing software updates to their smartphones with a limited number of users first . These tests are done through private beta channels. This process, which brings consumers and companies closer together, ensures that the detected problems are reported to the developers and these problems are resolved.

Xiaomi recently launched a global beta program for MIUI 12 . Users who applied under this program had the opportunity to access MIUI 12 early. If you want to get the MIUI 12 update immediately, you can apply to the beta program . You can use the link here and get detailed information to apply for Xiaomi’s beta program .

  • Note: The deadline to apply for MIUI 12’s global beta program is set as May 15 .

You can download beta ROMs of MIUI 12 externally

It may not be possible for all users to be included in the global beta program launched by Xiaomi. In this context, even if you miss Xiaomi’s official beta program, you can manually download MIUI 12 betas that will be shared over the internet . The files you download will open the doors of MIUI 12 to you. However, if you do not know how to install the installation files, you put your device at risk.

Downloading and using the beta ROM files of MIUI 12 will make all the features of MIUI 12 available. However, while using these features, basic applications such as Google Play Store will be unavailable. Also, beta ROMs will only be available in English and Chinese. So this process is not very useful for non-professional consumers.

Waiting for the stable MIUI 12 update might be more accurate

Xiaomi will offer the global version of MIUI 12 to consumers, behind all the studies and tests it will do. This process will take some time, as we have already mentioned. However, rather than using the two methods we mentioned above, it might be better to wait for the stable software update of MIUI 12 . Because, thanks to these updates, you will not be met with any errors and you will not risk your phone.


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