2 MB of Instagram Lite returned with new features


The owner of Instagram, the owner is a version designed and simplified for users in developing markets. As the focal point, the storage capacity on smartphones, processing power and reliable data is determined by only 2 MB of the application in which users are determined.

Instagram LiTite also has a story trait

Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite also developing from the hands of the Tel Aviv team, which develops, aims to cover a low size by focusing on picture, video and messaging in general. Although the application has the story feature brought from SnapChat, Ig does not have Live or shopping. The speaker-related engineering manager Gal Zellmayer said that there are other AR effects that do not work on live filters and low powerful devices as well as animations. Zellmayer also added that the application has made a lot of compression work on the server side to relieve the load on the devices.

Michelle Lourie, the company, the product manager, indicated that they went to a set of additional interfaces that will fit better to new digital users. Lourie examples of the test team, instead of ‘x’, it has mentioned that GIFs and stickers continue to be part of the application. While the administrator says that they are saving the entertainment permanently, the application has also transferred to the Dark Mode requested before publication.

However, developers have also kept the basic features of advertising, dark mode and end-to-end encryption outside the application in the first place. Instagram LiTE The first version of LİTE was closed by Facebook on May 2020 and the firm had been working on a version that provides better support in that period. Although the new version is already tested in several regions, 170 countries worldwide are available at the Google Play Store. The application of the application is useful to remind you that IOS is yet to come.


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