2 Giant Bitcoin Whales Are Waking Up: Funds Are Taking Action!


A bitcoin wallet containing 500 bitcoins ($22.1 million) was activated 9.8 years later, whale watching platform Whale Alert reported. In addition, it is reported that the Luna Foundation sent $1.1 billion worth of BTC to another anonymous address ending in 50tv4q.

The Sleeping Bitcoin Whale Has Woken Up after Almost 10 Years

According to the popular cryptography observer Whale Alert, a bitcoin wallet containing 500 BTC was activated after 9.8 years. Many users began to speculate why the owner of the wallet waited so long to bring it back to life. One of them suggested that they just wanted to delay gratification. Others believe that someone has finally discovered a hard drive or a secret key that allows you to unlock wealth.

As we reported in Somanews news, at the beginning of this month, after several years of inactivity, several other outdated cryptocurrency wallets were launched. On March 7, for the first time in more than eight years, a bitcoin wallet containing 407 BTC ($18.1 million) was activated.

Old wallets relatively often come out of hibernation, but addresses dating back to the days of Satoshi Nakamoto often attract more public attention, since they may have a chance to be activated by the creator of Bitcoin himself. However, there are many cryptocurrencies that will most likely never come back. According to the Chainalysis report, approximately 3.79 million cryptocurrencies should be lost forever.

Luna Foundation Contributes $1.1 billion Worth of BTC to another anonymous address

The Luna Foundation has reportedly sent $1.1 billion worth of bitcoins to another anonymous address ending in 50tv4q.

Earlier, the Luna Foundation announced that it had raised $2.2 billion for Bitcoin reserves. If the wallet does have funds, it already contains 50% of the proceeds. It is unclear whether the remaining funds will be transferred to the same wallet or to another address.

The founder of Terra (LUNA) reported that the Luna Foundation Guard has raised $2.2 billion to create a private bitcoin reserve for a stable UST coin behind the network. $1 billion was raised as a result of a private sale. Recently, it became known about the fund’s plan to purchase large amounts of BTC at $ 125 million per day. The total amount of funds acquired has not been disclosed, but is likely to be close to $2.2 billion.