2 Experts “Will Rise Badly” Announced the Next One for Gold Price!


As the gold price enters the year 2022 with an upward trend, investors are beginning to wonder about the next move of the precious metal. So what do the experts say?

According to experts, the price of gold “will rise badly”

According to Ramazan Kurtoğlu, a faculty member at Istanbul Aydın University, the price of gold “will rise badly” in the next six years. According to the expert, although the year 2022 will be the scene of an important break, a greater rise will be seen in the long run. Kurtoğlu states that “gold will go badly in the next five years, even until 2030. Referring to the importance of gold, he said, “If I tell you now that wheat is traded with gold in the commodity exchange in Chicago, everyone would laugh, but it is.”

Real Estate and Investment Specialist Mert Başaran is among those who think that gold and the dollar will rise. Başaran thinks that citizens should not sell investments. Mert Başaran says that when the dollar reaches the bottom level of gold, it is necessary to “buy it immediately” and states that investors should not buy an asset that is rising rapidly, and that there should be no panic. Başaran points out that even in a situation where gold is hypothetically 1,500 lira and a dollar is 25 lira, the first rule is not to buy it when it is at the top.

When it comes to his predictions, the investment expert thinks that there may be a movement in the ounce prices of silver and gold. He mentions that there will be an increase in the dollar and this will also be reflected in the gold price. Speaking about the increase in housing prices, Başaran says that “house prices will increase even worse”. Finally, he thinks that in countries with inflation, “you shouldn’t sell anything”.