2 Courses Focused On The Technology Giants To Boost Your Career


Technology: What does it take to win good opportunities in new economy companies? More than technique, it is necessary to be willing to learn. After all, technological advances occur so quickly that what is valid today can change in a short time. Therefore, betting on micro graduations that recycle learning is fundamental for digital careers in high demand.

To help on this journey, Thales Carvalho, Head of Product at ITuring School of Technology, points out that presenting a portfolio in the interview makes recruiters truly understand that you have had a real experience and that you have proven knowledge for the position.

Some courses based on project learning:

1. Course Becoming a Modern Software Engineer

This course has as one of the main instructors the American Joseph Yoder, founder of a global software development consultancy. Working in refactoring with bigtechs like Nubank and PagSeguro, he passes on his knowledge in the program.

What will you learn?

Develop long-lasting applications that deliver value. From agility to architectural standards, refactoring and effective testing.

Advance in skills of iterative and incremental development of cloud applications, using effective tests for software longevity, with refactoring techniques, architecture standards and CI/CD based on best practices in the international market.

Methodology: Based on project-based learning (learning by projects) and has expert reviews from technology companies and student support – within 24 hours.

More information here.

2. Data Analysis for Business Course

Made in partnership with one of the Brazilian unicorns, Loft, this course is ideal for understanding how insights extracted from data can further leverage the business. One of the company’s directors, Ana Romeo, brings all her knowledge applied to one of the biggest companies in Brazil today. It is also possible to learn from Microsoft tools, another strategic partner in the program.


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