2 among us canceled and will focus on improvements


Among Us has become a true global phenomenon and PuffballsUnited, co-founder of InnerSloth, responsible for the development of the title, commented that after a product study, they decided to central their efforts in the first installment of the game.

Let’s remember that this popular game can be run on PC and mobile devices with iOS or Android operating systems and has ended up uniting millions of people.

Among Us focuses on finding an impostor, hidden among the participants of a session. Four to 10 people will be able to interact in the present stages.

The truth of all this is that all the content that would be released in its sequel, will reach the first installment. There is already talk of better servers to make the game run more smoothly, support for color blind people, a friend / account system to play with our friends or family, as well as new scenarios.

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