2.2 million Brazilians fell in virtual scams in October


The month of October was marked by the intensification of virtual scams, which reached around 2.2 million Brazilians, according to the latest statistics from the dfndr lab, PSafe’s digital security laboratory. In total, 109 thousand active threats were identified on the internet, which represents a 127% growth compared to September.

To carry out the projections, the laboratory considered only the portion of the population that owns Android smartphones, since PSafe solutions are only compatible with this operating system. Despite the small sample size, the number is frightening: 71,000 people are victims of coups in the country every day.

In October, the most popular crimes were those that promoted false job vacancies, in a scenario in which unemployment already reaches 14 million people – surpassing the historical rate of 13.1% registered in 2012.

Cloning WhatsApp profiles

In addition, a large number of messenger profiles have been cloned: in the last month alone, the dfndr lab recorded 453,000 victims. “In order to have access to WhatsApp accounts, cybercriminals use social engineering techniques, which aim to convince the victim to carry out an action that the criminal wants,” explains the director of the laboratory, Emilio Simoni.

“They usually lie, simulate a search or a supposed promotion, and pretend to be other people to get this code,” he says. The scam is more common in São Paulo, which had 84,000 victims. Rio de Janeiro appears in second place with 49 thousand and Minas Gerais, in third, with 33 thousand.

“It is not a scam that uses sophisticated software to steal information, the criminal literally needs to convince the person to provide the six-digit confirmation code code sent to the cell phone. This security code is unique that allows access and hijacking of the account ”, concludes the executive.

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