1Up Trailer Gives First Look at Ruby Rose’s New Video Game Comedy


The 1Up trailer provides a first look at Ruby Rose’s latest film about the world of competitive gaming. Directed by Kyle Newman, whose previous work includes “Fanboys” and “Barely Lethal,” the upcoming comedy is about Vivian, an esports player who, after receiving a college scholarship to play at Barrett University, encounters sexism on a male-dominated school team and eventually forms it. own women’s team to participate in national competitions. In addition to Rose, who plays Vivian’s coach, Parker, Paris Berelk from Hubie Halloween, Taylor Zahar Perez and Hari Nef participate in the film. The premiere of 1Up produced by Lionsgate and Buzzfeed Studios is scheduled for Amazon Prime on July 15, 2022.

The first trailer for 1Up was recently released by Lionsgate Movies and introduces viewers to Vivian, a Berelc national ranking player, as well as the dynamics between her and Dustin, the captain of Barrett’s team. He also reveals a lot about Parker and demonstrates some of her seemingly unconventional coaching tactics.

Ruby Rose is perhaps best known for her roles in such popular projects as “Orange is the hit of the Season” and “Perfect Voice 3”. Most recently, she starred as Kate Kane on the CW series “Batwoman” before leaving after one season and then filing a complaint with Warner Bros. Surrounding a cast full of rising talent, 1Up certainly has all the makings of a hit, and Rose fans can check it out when it hits Amazon Prime next month.