1THE9 disbands and makes one last farewell presentation


1THE9 ended their contract and said their goodbyes with a performance of their song Count. For just over a year, the members of 1THE9 had the opportunity to promote together and hang out with guys from other agencies, sadly this stage in their careers has come to an end, but they will continue to show their skills in their next projects.

1THE9’s contract ended in early August. However, after the premiere of the music video for Count, their last song together, they chose to perform a special performance of this tune as a parting gift to their fans.

As part of closing their group activities, 1THE9 featured the song Count on MBC’s music show Music Core. The performance was an emotional moment for those who followed the group before their debut, but it also offered an opportunity to see them share the stage for the last time.

1THE9 is the group that debuted at the end of the UNDER19 TV show. The development of this project allowed 9 guys from different agencies to pool their talents and debut on April 12, 2019.


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