1st 100% electric car ‘made to be Uber’ launched in China


Two large Chinese companies have entered into a partnership for the production of an electric car, called D1, whose objective was thought from the beginning of its production for the transport of passengers, being equipped with technologies specifically designed for its purpose.

The comfortable green hatchback was developed by Didi Chuxing, one of Uber’s main international competitors (and owner of 99 Brazilian), with the Chinese vehicle manufacturer BYD Auto. The D1 will have a range of 418 km, as determined by the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle), a protocol that assesses emission levels in passenger vehicles.

DiDi, as the Chinese application transport company is usually called, explains that it used a database with various feedbacks and tips from 550 million registered passengers, until it concluded that it should produce its own vehicle.

The new D1

The D1 has an external look similar to Volkswagen’s ID.3 and ID.4 models, called “Golfs of the future”: both the front and the wheels, headlight shape, waist line and bicolor roof. But it is inside the vehicle that there are some differentials, which start with ergonomic seats and automatic sliding doors, to facilitate the access of passengers.

Conceived from the beginning as a sharing car, the D1 allows users to interact on their journey through an application. For this, there is a medium-sized screen on the panel, and two more touch screens behind the headrests, for passengers to access navigation and define some details, such as air temperature, for example.

In addition to passenger comfort, the D1 brings a comfortable and suitable driver’s seat for extended use. The monoblock is also equipped with a level 2 driver assistance system, which includes lane departure warning, automatic braking and pedestrian collision warning.

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