19th anniversary of the September 11 attacks in the USA


The United States remembers what it lost in the biggest terrorist attack in its history. For the ceremonies to be held on the 19th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the changes made due to the Covid-19 outbreak divided the relatives of the deceased into two.

The names of the deceased will not be read by their relatives at the ceremony in New York, which will be attended by very few people for the first time this year.

During the military ceremony in the Pentagon, the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, these names will be heard from the voice recording, and no visitors will be allowed to the military ceremony.

USA spent 6 trillion dollars on wars and civil conflicts after September 11, 800 thousand people died

At the ceremony at the Flight 93 National Monument in Shanksville, where the United Airlines flight 93 was shot down, the names of the deceased will be read by a person. The traditional music concert here will not be this year either.

The light show to represent the twin towers of the World Trade Center turned out to be canceled at the last minute due to the reactions.

The relatives of the victim, who say they understand these measures, say that they will not attend the ceremony this year, although it is difficult. The opponents, who argue that the ceremonies held so far with strict measures can continue, are of the opinion that those who want to make the attack forget the epidemic.


3 thousand people lost their lives in the September 11 attacks, in which al-Qaeda hijacked 4 planes and targeted important US structures.

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Members of the organization carried out a suicide attack by striking the south and north towers of the World Trade Center in New York with 2 planes they hijacked. The third aircraft crashed into the Pentagon and the other aircraft targeting the Jewish Synagogue in the city of Pittsburgh was downed by F-16s in rural Pennsylvania.

After the deadliest terrorist attacks in the history of the country, the Washington administration declared war on Al-Qaeda and deployed troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.



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