1978 – all about the Netflix horror movie



1978: This Friday (9), Netflix released Rua do Medo: 1978, the second film of the trilogy Rua do Medo (Fear Street, in the original), which presents new characters and an even more disturbing and violent vision of various events.

The production, based on the work of RL Stine, brings mixed feelings to the viewers after a veritable flood of blood.

Rua do Medo: 1978 – all about the Netflix horror movie

In the plot, Berman (Gillian Jacobs) has lived isolated in the cursed city of Shadyside since her traumatic experience at Camp Nightwing. In constant fear of being found by the murderer of the past, she remains in eternal paranoia.

However, perhaps she is the only hope to end the curse that the witch Sarah Fier has laid on local residents so many years ago. While Sam (Olivia Scott Welch), Deena (Kiana Madeira) and Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr.) are possessed, Berman tells his vision of the facts about his passage through the camp.

In 1978, Cindy Berman (Emily Rudd) and Ziggy Berman (Sadie Sink) have a very troubled relationship. As part of the group of young people who are vacationing at Camp Nightwing, they get involved in truly bizarre situations. If the psyche of both is shaken, the danger is even greater.


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