“19 K-pop idols with the strongest voice” according to Forbes Korea: Jay-Hope from BTS, Brave Girls Minyoung and others!


Among the idol singers, these k-pop vocalists have the most powerful live vocals! In the ranking published by Forbes Korea, these 19 artists, including J-Hope, Minyoung and others, dominated!

Jay-Hope from BTS is recognized as the K-pop idol with the strongest voice

On October 6, Forbes Korea published the results of its recent survey conducted on the topic “The Voice given by God. Who has the strongest voice?”

The poll was open for voting from September 2 to September 16, the purpose of which is to determine the idols with the best natural powerful vocals, honed by hard work.

In the ranking, J-Hope from BTS topped the list with 36,752 votes, or 39.38% of 93,319 votes, in honor of his victory.

Although the BTS member is initially known as the group’s main dancer and rapper, J-Hope has flaunted his “universal” aspect, proving that he can also sing beautifully.

When an idol sings, it is usually light, but the warm and varied emotions of the song always capture the listener’s ear.

While J-Hope usually shows his hips while rapping, the male idol actually has a soothing voice where he got the power to touch the hearts of fans.

J-Hope from BTS is really a “Golden Hyung!”

19 K-pop idols with the strongest voice: Brave Girls Minyoung, ATEEZ Jeonho and others!
On the other hand, Minen from Brave Girls came in second with 38,888 votes, or 33.10% of the total votes, just 6% behind J-Hope.

Before his fame, Minen had one of the most “underrated vocals”. Fortunately, after the reverse success of Brave Girls, she had more opportunities to demonstrate her powerful vocals with the help of new songs and the competition show “Queendom 2”.

As always, Minen never disappoints! With her vocal prowess, she can take high notes like it’s nothing! I think her hobby is eating their CDs because of how stable and good her live vocals are!

In third place is Jeonho from ATEEZ. Despite the fact that he is a fourth-generation idol, a male idol proves that he can beat many second- and third-generation idol singers with his strong but stable vocals.

One of his advantages is that he got THIS amazing trait more than any other vocal technique — it’s singing from the heart!

MAMAMOO Solar then took the fourth place, and there is no doubt that it belongs to this list. Among singers, Solar is known for singing from the chest, which creates a very strong sound.

Even when she sings high notes, she usually uses not the head tone, but belting (chest voice), the sound from the chest, a technique that is not easy to achieve.

Here is the complete list of K-pop idols with the strongest voice:

J-Hope from BTS — 39.38%, (36,752)
Brave Girls Minyoung – 33.10%, (38,888)
ATEEZ Jeonho — 8.54% (7974)
MAMAMOO Solar — 5.93%, 5530)
SEVENTEEN Danish crowns – 4.35%, (4064)
OH MY GIRL Seunghee – 2.68% (2501)
MONSTA X Kihen — 1.88% (1754)
Kim Jae-hwan – 1.02% (1956)
Super Junior Reuk
Yuju (Girlfriend’s ex-girlfriend)
BTOB Im Hyun Shik
WJSN Yejung
SF9 Inson
espa Winter
Girls Generation Taen
Apink Jong Unji
WINNER Kang Seungyun
(G)I-DLE Mien


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