19 asteroids detected near Jupiter are thought to come from outside the solar system


An international astronomer team thinks that the asteroids moving in an orbit around the Sun near Jupiter, due to the gravity of the Sun, actually came from outside the Solar System.

Scientists from France and Brazil are working on 19 asteroids that come from outside the Solar System and remain in orbit near Jupiter due to the gravitational pull of the Sun. The celestial bodies discovered in 2015 show some behavior that scientists are not used to.

Interstellar celestial bodies are important sources for space studies. The interstellar celestial bodies, called 21 / Borisov and Oumuamua, which passed through the Solar System before, presented important findings to the scientific world.

Interstellar asteroids are rarely observed
The fact that interstellar celestial bodies are extremely rare makes all interstellar celestial bodies seen in the Solar System very important. Especially when their residence in the Solar System becomes long-term, they are considered as big data treasures for the scientific world.

Asteroids located near Jupiter are also standing at a very important point in terms of space exploration. Scientists have observed that many celestial bodies are standing on a strange plane and turning in the wrong direction. Reverse engineering scientists came to the conclusion that asteroids drift away from interstellar space with the best explanation.

19 asteroids may not have come from outside the Solar System, contrary to estimates
Scientists working on 19 asteroids think that asteroids came from outside the Solar System. However, other scientists also think that asteroids exhibiting unusual behavior may have other causes.

Scientists who disagree with the researchers’ arguments think that the announcement that asteroids came from another system is just one of the possibilities to explain the behavior of asteroids. Scientists think that other possibilities should be explored before the possibility of interstellar celestial body.


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