19 Android apps that you should not have on your mobile


And the latest alert about an adware campaign comes to us through the White Ops team Satori Threat Intelligence and Research, which discovered 19 Android applications with malware capable of filling the devices with “highly irritating and unwanted” advertisements

Adware applications deleted by Google

This adware is capable of taking control the moment you unlock your phone and load it, and it can even launch its attack whether you have opened the infected application or just installed it.

Also, to make matters worse some of the apps are able to hide from users by disappearing the moment they are downloaded and installed, a trick often used by hackers as it makes it much more difficult for people to find and remove apps. of your devices.

The White Ops Team notes that they identified the apps after “seeing suspiciously high volumes of ad traffic” during their threat hunting investigations. After taking a closer look at those apps and their similarly developed counterparts, White Ops discovered the code that makes ads out of context easy, as well as a “pretty smart” way to evade detection.

Downloaded millions of times

With a combined amount of more than 3.5 million downloads, the 19 apps White Ops investigated included the word “blur” in the package name. And is that many of these applications claim to be photo editors – a type of popular download from the store – that claim to allow a user to blur sections of an image in their photo gallery.

Once the threat was confirmed last week, Google removed the applications from its Play Store, but the problem is that with 3.5 million downloads they represent 3.5 million potential users of their adware attacks. Therefore it is vital that if you have any of them installed, delete it immediately. Here is the list:

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Android apps you should delete

  • Smart Blur Photo: More than 500,000
  • Smart Photo Blur: More than 500,000
  • Square Photo Blur: More than 500,000
  • Photo Blur: More than 500,000
  • Square Blur Photo: More than 500,000
  • Auto Picture Cut: Over 100,000
  • Easy Blur: Over 100,000
  • Super Call Flash: Over 100,000
  • Image Blur: More than 100,000
  • Auto Photo Blur: Over 100,000
  • Photo Blur Master: Over 100,000
  • Super Call Screen: Over 100,000
  • Square Blur Master: Over 100,000
  • Color Call Flash: More than 50,000
  • Magic Call Flash: More than 50,000
  • Square Blur: More than 50,000
  • Smart Call Flash: More than 50,000
  • Blur Image: More than 10,000
  • Blur Photo Editor: More than 5,000


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