$ 180 million to Apple’s new movie from Scorsese


It was reported that the next movie of director Martin Scorsese, who met with Netflix for The Irishman last year, will receive support from Apple. Another classic like The Irishman is expected. Apple will invest in the movie Killers of the Flower Moon with a budget of $ 180 million!

$ 180 million from Apple for Killers of the Flower Moon!

Martin Scorsese, which attracted attention with the movie The Irishman last year, is on the agenda with a new film and support news. According to reports released by a Hollywood reporter, Apple is reportedly working with Paramount on a period-crime drama with a $ 180 million budget.

Apple will also be the finger of the new movie Killers of the Flower Moon, which will be shot with many star names, including Robert de Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio. The company, which has allocated a budget of 180 million dollars for the movie, was reported to be in the last negotiations.

Apple recently came up with such an agreement. The broadcast rights of Tom Hanks’ movie Greyhound, about the Second World War, were also bought by Apple. This revealed that Apple would invest more for Apple TV.

According to reports, while Apple finances the project as its original movie, Paramount will distribute it for worldwide cinema broadcasts. This is not the first time that Martin Scorsese has worked with Apple. The director also starred in a commercial about Siri 4S that tells Siri.

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