18 facts and curiosities of V that will make you love him more


18 facts and curiosities of V that will make you love him more. Learn more about the idol and discover what makes it so special and unique.

Taehyung has won the heart of ARMY thanks to his talent, his voice and his personality. The idol many times called as TaeTae. He was born in Daegu-Geochang, South Korea in 1995, so he is 24 years old, (25 Korean age).

He has shown that he is a great composer thanks to songs like “Winter Bear”, as well as incredible choreographies like “Singularity”, in fact, he is preparing his first mixtape.

V is usually a guy with a loud and adorable personality, but surely there are things you don’t know about him yet or that will only reinforce your love for the idol. There are details in Tae’s life that make him different from others and that demonstrate his great heart.

We leave you a list with 18 curiosities of the idol that will surprise you.

  1. He is a pizza and meat lover in any presentation, you know with what food to conquer him
  2. His favorite number is 10, whose meaning he says is good fortune, as it represents new beginnings with opportunities to achieve what you want, in addition, it distinguishes cheerful people.
  3. His favorite colors are green, white and black.
  4. If he weren’t an idol, he could have followed Lisa Simpson’s dream, as she played the saxophone for 3 years in his student days.
  5. The company kept the latest BTS member a secret, so ARMY met V when the teasers for his debut single “No More Dream” were revealed.
  6. Transformers? As he once confessed he wanted to have the ability to talk to cars
  7. Do you know why he blows a kiss to heaven when he finishes singing? He lived for 17 years with his grandparents, so his grandmother was important to him, so as a form of tribute after his death he performs this act
  8. He felt insecure about these traits, but ARMY assures that he loves them, in fact one of his hidden talents is to show the elephant that is formed with 2 moles on his arm.
  9. Patience? He loves children and babies, he could be a good babysitter
  10. Supposedly he has this habit of touching things that are cute.
  11. During his childhood, his mother used to call him “Honey Bear”, that is why he named his single “Winter bear”, in addition to demonstrating his great love for photography.
  12. Due to his happy personality, he is usually a bit noisy
  13. It is said that when he goes on tour he usually sees photos of his family.
  14. Tae is very attached to his family, because he also has them in his thoughts and wishes when he celebrates his birthday, because all he wants is his health
  15. His adorable pet Yeontan was an adopted dog, he confessed that when he saw him he seemed angry and made him want to hug him
  16. When he marries, he believes that the ideal age is 30, and he would like to have 2 boys and 1 girl as children.
  17. His example to follow is his father, perhaps many idols have inspirations in some artists, but V has great admiration for his father
  18. His famous crush is Rachel McAdams, the “Vows of Love” actress, he also likes Lily Collins, they both share the same physical traits.
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