18 EXO trivia to get to know them better


The boys of EXO have a very fresh and interesting personality, get to know them better with these curiosities. EXO is one of the most famous male K-pop bands in the world, the idols represented by S.M Entertainment are characterized by experimenting with different sounds and daring concepts to provide a unique experience to their fans.

From his predebut they drew the attention of the public for alignment, style and skills of all members. Now the boys are concentrating on their projects as soloists and on the subunits of the group.

EXO is a representative of Korean pop, the boys have been present at closings of important world sports competitions, their music is recognized in different countries, registering records in sales and reproductions.

This time we bring you 18 facts and curiosities from Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Sehun, Chen, Kai, D.O, Baekhyun and Chanyeol. Discover some of its secrets and hobbies. Tell us! What is your favorite EXO song?

In the EXO universe, each of the members has special powers: Xiumin the ice, Suho the water, Lay the gift of healing, Sehun the wind, Chen lightning, Kai transportation, DO force, Baekhyun the light and Chanyeol the fire .
The boys have their own web drama called ‘EXO Next Door’, the series starring the idols has a record audience, with more than 50 million views on its premiere.
Chanyeol is a very virtuous musician, he plays various instruments such as drums, guitar and piano.

Xiumin was for a time a trainee for JYP Entertainment, a group company like: TWICE, GOT7 and DAY6.
Suho, the leader of EXO, has an IQ out of the average, his intelligence is recognized throughout the medium.
Chen, Chanyeol and Lay composed the song ‘Promise’ for EXO-L, a very emotional and sincere track.
EXO managed to fill the Seoul Olympic Stadium 5 times in a row, selling their concert tickets in seconds.
The difficult choreography of the song ‘Growl’ was created by the famous dancer Nick Bass, he has worked with stars like: Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Ciara, Super Junior and SHINee.


D.O In addition to having a talent for singing, he is a renowned actor, the idol has been recognized for his work in dramas and movies.
Before his debut, Baekhyun was very afraid of photo shoots, the idol stated that this fear was overcome with the help of his peers.

  • EXO was the K-pop group that put on a show at the closing ceremony at the 2018 Winter Olympics.
  • Chen’s favorite movie is ‘Life is Beautiful’ because it has a message about the motivation and value of loved ones.
  • EXO is one of the K-pop groups that donates the most money a year to different social accusations.
  • Kai began studying dance at the age of 8, he is known for mixing various dance techniques and his powerful choreography.
  • Suho is one of the smallest members of stature in EXO.
  • Chanyeol shared a classroom with MONSTA X’s Jooheon, they both have a very good friendship.
  • Sehun gave the ‘EXODUS’ album to model Miranda Kerr, the celebrity thanked the idol for the detail and posted an image of the album on him Instagram.
  • Lay was the first EXO member to debut as a solo artist in October 2016.


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