18 curious and interesting facts about J-Hope from BTS


18 curious and interesting facts about J-Hope from BTS. Discover some curiosities about J-Hope, rapper and dancer of BTS. These curious facts of J-Hope BTS will surprise you .

Jung Hoseok was born on February 18, 1994 in the city of Gwangju in South Korea . The young dancer and rapper from BTS always wanted to become a great music star and in destiny it was marked that J-Hope became one of the greatest exponents of K-pop.


As its stage name implies, ‘ J-Hope ‘ is the hope for ARMY , the performer of ‘Day Dream’ has earned his place within the international music industry alongside BTS and also as a solo artist .

The dancer has a very special personality, as he is considered one of the most charismatic K-pop rappers . J-Hope has developed other skills as a conductor, composer, and model.


There are some fun facts of Jung Hoseok of BTS you should know:

  1. One of the activities that relaxes J-Hope the most is making bracelets, he says he is very creative and has created special designs for his BTS colleagues.
  2. He is very close to his older sister, Jung Daewon is a model, designer and a great influencer within social networks.
  3. J-Hope said he expects his girlfriend to call him in a very special way, the idol wants his beloved to always say ‘Baby’ or ‘Baby Hope’.
  4. Hoseok is one of the BTS members with the most loving nicknames, the rapper is called: H-dope, Jay and Sunshine.
  5. The favorite movie of J-Hope is ‘Taegukgi’, the plot is two brothers who are forced to go to war.
  6. J-Hope thinks that the color green is beautiful, that’s why it is his favorite hue and his favorite number is 7 because he considers it to be good luck.
  7. When the boys from BTS go out to enjoy their free time, they choose an amusement park and J-Hope’s favorite place is the carousel.
  8. Before auditioning to enter Big Hit Entertainment, J-Hope was part of two very important dance groups: ‘Go arts’ and ‘NEURON’.
  9. The BTS rapper is well known for the various dance styles he masters, J-Hope can dance: Poppin, street dance, hip hop, and loocking.
  10. Although Hoseok is known for his good humor and character, the idol revealed that most of the time he likes to be focused and serious.
  11. One of J-Hope’s great musical influences is American rapper A $ AP Rocky, Hoseok really likes the work of the ‘Sundress’ performer.
  12. J-Hope shared that his father is a literature teacher, the idol from a very young age had a great love for books.
  13. Hoseok is very close to each of his BTS peers , but one of his best friends is Suga , as he feels a very strong connection.
  14. Hoseok takes great care of his skin, he has created a beauty routine to protect his skin.
  15. J-Hope is very demanding with his work, he always puts a lot of effort into each of the songs he composes and the choreography he creates for BTS .
  16. BTS’s Hoseok dedicated the song ‘ MAMA ‘ to his mother, it was a way of thanking his for support, on the track you can hear his mom’s voice.
  17. J-Hope studied at Global Cyber ​​University, where he specialized in Sound Engineering, since the idol wants to be a great producer and arranger.
  18. One of Hoseok’s crush is the American singer Tinashe , the BTS rapper hopes to collaborate with his one day.


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