18 curiosities of GOT7 that every fan should know


Every GOT7 fan knows this data about the idol group. The JYP Entertainment group has formed a great career since their debut in 2014 with the song Girls Girls Girls.

While the members of GOT7 continue to grow, they have also experimented in their facets as singers and songwriters, some of whom preferred to try modeling, as MC or even entrepreneurs, WOW.

The 7 members of this group managed to gain the affection of the fans around the world thanks to their talent, their charisma and the great chemistry they possess when being together, since if something identifies GOT7 it is all the fun they can spread while they are together.

Keep reading and find out some curiosities to make sure you are a big fan of GOT7:

  • Jinyoung Park named the GOT7 group as a tribute to G.O.D., the first group their company had. He wanted to convey the feeling of togetherness, hope and perseverance to the members, something that G.O.D. always had.
  • Mark, Jackson, Yugyeom, and BamBam had an appearance on Korean television before their debut, being part of the WIN: Who Is Next show, a survival show by YG Entertainment where the now members of WINNER, iKON, GOT7, and Day6 faced off. .
  • The GOT7 guys have their own K-Drama, although the members are now ashamed of their performances at the time, they mentioned that their company considered it a good idea, that’s how they filmed Dream Knight.

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  • The creator of Twitter declared himself a fan of GOT7, in addition to making a live broadcast with the idol group, he attended his concert and did not hesitate to show off his experience.
  • GOT7 was the first K-Pop group to enter the top 10 worldwide albums on iTunes.
    When they debuted, it was said that the group would be specialized in hip hop and stunt martial arts tricks, however their style has been transformed through each comeback.
  • Mark is the most skilled member for sports and physical testing.
  • Before joining GOT7, two members had already debuted, they were JB and Jinyoung, who then called himself Junior. They debuted as a group called JJ Project, but later joined a new team to become GOT7.
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Youngjae was the last member to become a trainee for JYP Entertainment, he only trained for 7 months before debuting with GOT7, WOW!

  • During their first debut years, 6 of the group members played some hidden camera pranks on Yugyeom.
  • When BamBam entered JYP Entertainment and met Mark, he couldn’t help but tell him that he really liked his sneakers, so Mark bought him a pair of the same brand for his next birthday.
  • Jinyoung continued preparing to become a recognized actor, he has acted in some K-Dramas such as He’s Psichometric, When My Love Blooms and in the movie Numbal.
  • Jackson created his own company under the name TEAM WANG.
  • During the comeback with the 7for7 album the boys wore friendship necklaces, when you put the triangle charms together the heptagon of the GOT7 symbol was formed.
  • There are many members of GOT7 who have composed melodies for the group, but the member who has presented more songs for GOT7 is JB, who uses the name ‘DEFSOUL’ for his facet as a composer.
  • GOT7 stands out for having a great international fandom and, one of the countries where they receive the most support is Thailand, the native country of BamBam.
  • GOT7 has two sub units so far, JJ Project and Jus2, the latter consisting of JB and Yugyeom.
  • Originally the group gave the name IGOT7 to their fandom, however, they and their followers most often use the term Ahgase, which closely resembles the Korean pronunciation of IGOT7.


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