18 BTS Phrases You Should Never Forget


These are the ideal Bangtan Boys phrases to inspire you in the darkest and most difficult moments.

The boys of Beyond The Scene are characterized by their sentimental songs and great themes about the concerns of young people. These are some of his best phrases with a special message.

BTS’s extensive discography features inspiring music and great lines that have helped fans around the world find momentum in their lives, to achieve their biggest goals and dreams.


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Each of the themes of the Big Hit Entertainment agency group tells an interesting story and has its own universe, they address love, fears, insecurities and heartbreak.

Jin, RM, Jimin, V, Jungkook, Suga, and J-Hope became great figures and role models for ARMY. The idols of the K-pop also their fans gave them great messages of personal achievement, where they showed their particular artistic vision and life.

Next, we will show you 18 phrases said by the interpreters of ‘Dynamite’, some belong to different melodies and others were part of exciting speeches that marked their careers.


  1. I am flying high in the sky with the two wings you gave me, it is very high here, I want you close to my eyes, you are turning me into a boy in love. – Boy With Luv.
  2. You will fully bloom after all hardships – So Far Away.
  3. You are like a work that I want to appreciate, because your very existence is art. – Just One Day.
  4. Allow yourself to relax, take a step at a time. Maybe you will discover the important things that you were missing and they will come to you alone – Jin .
  5. Never hang your head, never change for the rest – 21st Century Girl.
  6. Possibly it is like any other night in the city, all our dreams let shine, you shine more than anyone – Mikrokosmos.
  7. When the going gets tough, stop for a while and look back, see how far you’ve come, don’t forget how rewarding it is. You are the most beautiful flower – V.
  8. I want people to get positive energy from all of our music.
    And if you don’t have a dream, that’s fine, it is not necessary to dream, just dedicate yourself to being happy. – Suga .
  9. Even if I fall and hurt myself, I will keep running towards my greatest dream. – Young Forever.
  10. We are too young to simply care. – Go Go.
  11. There will be times when you question your decisions. The next try may not be perfect, but it will be better than the last. If you are doing well or are on the path of failure, remember that you are the leader of your own life. – J-Hope.
  12. We must honestly admit that the standards we set are more severe for ourselves. – Love Yourself TEAR
  13. If you listen to our music without prejudice, you will surely like it. – Promise
  14. You should be your light, so that you do not suffer anymore, so that you can smile. – Promise.
  15. It doesn’t matter who you are, your gender, your skin color, your identity. Find your name and find your voice. – RM .
  16. You all deserve to be loved. – Jimin .
  17. Let them be them, let us be us. Love is a labyrinth. – Love Maze.
  18. ARMY! The BTS members showed a bit of their outlook on life in the movie BREAK THE SILENCE: THE MOVIE , check out the best quotes from idols in the film.


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