18.3 BTC from Bitcoin investors to Satoshi Nakamoto


Almost 11 years have passed since the launch of the Bitcoin network, and Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of BTC, received a 50 BTC reward for mining on the first transaction block at the time. In 11 years, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, and Bitcoin, which was a crypto currency used only by computer madmen at first, has evolved into a state of reserve money for billion-dollar companies.

However, it is clear that a single issue has been discussed very little. That is still your Bitcoin community; that he continues to thank the person who created a new industry, who contributed to the awareness of people about how money should work, and who managed to be a safe haven against a possible global financial crisis.

Today, Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity is still a mystery, but experts state that this is the key to Bitcoin’s survival.

While many studies show that Satoshi has around 1 million Bitcoins spread across separate addresses that Bitcoin used to mine in its early days, only one address can eventually be linked to it. This address is the address where 50 BTC awarded as a reward after the first mining …

It is known that some of those who appreciate the revolutionary aspect of Bitcoin donate their cryptocurrencies to Satoshi’s genesis address, but it is not known whether he will move the coins he obtained through early mining one day.

At least 1000 satoshi every day

As seen below, the address receives almost automated donations of 1000 satoshi every day. Given that there are still several addresses to donate ‘satoshi’ to Satoshi Nakamoto, it can be expected that the balance on one will continue to increase over time.

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