More Than 170 Malicious Applications Found In Google Play Store Last Month


Google Play Store has been in trouble recently with malicious applications. Although many applications are noticed and removed, new ones continue to come. According to reports, more than 170 malicious applications were found in the Google Play Store only last month.

Google Play Store seems to be in trouble with malicious apps. As it is known, recently annoying adware was detected in CamScanner, one of the most popular tools. Although it is thought that a lesson will be learned after this malware, nothing seems to have changed on the platform.

Today, a malware researcher from ESET published a report of approximately 172 malicious applications identified in September alone. The researcher shared the results with a tweet.

Malicious software has close to 335 million downloads:

It is very worrying that Google asks third-party researchers to identify malicious applications. The malware category includes applications affected by adware, subscription scams, hidden ads, SMS premium subscription, and more.

Also, if you take a closer look at the image above, you will notice that more than 335 million malicious applications have been downloaded. That sounds terrible. Most of the malicious applications have already been removed, but the potential presence of potential malicious applications in the Google Play Store is still a safety concern.

Maybe you’re safe, but the software that affects millions of Android users can make users uneasy. Google may wish to consider reducing the number of apps or applying strict review guidelines to approve an app in the Play Store.

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