This 17-Year-Old Young Founder Established the Site That Transmits Information About Coronation to Millions


Avi Schiffmann, 17, is behind a site with millions of visitors who publish data on his coronavirus. The number of cases and deaths as well as the number of people recovering can be seen in detail on Schiffmann’s coronavirus information site.

After the coronavirus outbreak became tragic in China, many people turned to websites where data was published to track the course of the outbreak. These sites with coronavirus data update their anbean data, ensuring that people’s information about the outbreak is up to date.

NCoV2019live, which publishes coronavirus outbreak data, is also among these sites. The website was created by Avi Schiffmann, 17, in the past December, when the virus outbreak has not yet crossed China. nCoV2019live has visited more than 40 million times since its establishment.

The 17-year-old Schiffmann’s coronavirus information site has a newsletter where you can get daily information about cases, deaths and healing people, as well as an interactive map and information about the disease. On the site, information about the virus outbreak is also shown in detail in countries.

Speaking about his coronavirus information site, Schiffmann said that when he started preparing the website, he officially said there were 1,000 cases in Wuhan, China. The young developer, who said that when the disease started to appear in Wuhan, a lot of wrong information was circulating, said that he thought it would be right to set up a website and turn it into an information center.

The coronavirus information site developed by 17-year-old young developer Ari Schiffmann uses data from official institutions such as the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control. Therefore, the data it publishes can be trusted. You can reach the coronavirus information site developed by Schiffmann here.


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