17 new apps infected by the ‘Joker’ on Android


The security company Check Point Security has detected yet another list of Android applications infected with the Joker (Joker), a persistent malware that always appears in tools available on the Google Play Store.

The new wave of infection reached 17 applications, all of which have already been removed by Google. They were available between July and the second week of September 2020, which means that many users can still have the tools installed on their tablet or smartphone. The last six apps removed from the platform because of the malware accumulated more than 200 thousand downloads.

Check the list:

Image Compress
Relaxation Message
com.file. recovefiles
Training Memory
Push Message – Texting & SMS
Fingertip GameBox
Contact Message
Cheery Message (duplicate in store)
App Locker
Safety AppLock
Emoji Wallpaper
Loving Message
Remind Alarm
Convenient Scanner 2
Separate Doc Scanner
Applications infected with the Joker even work, but with the malware operating in the background. The objective of the scam is to make the user enter plans by subscription to SMS and other “premium” services without authorization. With that, you can have zero credits or unsolicited charges on your account – all going into the pocket of cybercriminals.

With features that help hide malicious code to prevent detection by Google’s security mechanisms, the malware was more active in 2019, when infected apps registered even more impressive numbers in popularity.

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