16-Year-Old Hacker Caught Hacking Multiple International Companies

The Spanish police have caught the 16-year-old hacker who has hacked a health app and stole sensitive user data since the end of 2019, as well as accessing training and company apps. The hacker also managed to hack many international companies.

Pilar Allue, Deputy Director of the National Police of Spain, announced at the press conference today that an interesting case has ended. According to the statements, the police managed to catch a 16-year-old hacker in Madrid. This young hacker has committed a large number of cybercrime since the end of 2019 and has damaged companies hundreds of thousands of euros.

Among the ‘achievements’ of the hacker who has managed to overcome the security measures of many Spanish and international private companies and public companies in the last few months, is to obtain the sensitive data of users by hacking a private health application. The teenager, who wanted to announce his reputation for what he did on social networks, was trying to hack a cargo company while caught. The authorities managed to prevent this hacking process.

141,000 fake accounts, 450,000 euro losses:
The investigation about the hacker, who announced the hacked accounts on social media, was launched at the end of 2019, when an important international platform on audio / video sharing complained to the police. According to the information provided by this platform, 141,000 fake accounts were created in just 3 days to provide 14 days of access to the service. Also, counterfeit bank account numbers used by these accounts caused a total loss of 450.000 euro.

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A few days later, a bicycle rental company in Madrid also complained that they were unable to serve for hours as a result of a cyber attack on their system. The hacker showed his ‘message’ on the billboards next to the streets.

Later, the young hacker, who managed to reach the database of many companies, was caught in Madrid despite taking high-level protection measures. The police have not yet been able to fully reveal the extent of cyber attacks, but the hacker said they had the chance to change not only some personal data but also change them. It is also noteworthy that the hacker was able to do all this during the COVID-19 outbreak.



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