£ 16 million for David Beckham’s Documentary


Broadcasting platform Netflix made a 16 million pound deal for David Beckham’s documentary, according to information reported in the British press. The documentary on which the Beckham family will be processed is expected to be published in 2022.

Netflix, one of the largest streaming platforms, offers almost all kinds of productions to its users. The platform also includes football documentaries among these productions. The platform, which has featured several popular football documentaries, rolled up its sleeves to add a new one to these documentaries.

According to the allegations in the British press, Netflix will shoot a documentary focusing on the life of David Beckham, one of the living legends of football. The company allegedly even made a £ 16 million  deal with David Beckham and his family.

The Beckham family will also appear in the documentary:

The documentary, which will focus on football legend David Beckham, will include many details from the days he played at Manchester United to his transformation into an international star, from the Miami CF club he bought to his personal life. In addition, the Beckham family will also be featured in the documentary.

A source close to the Beckham family said in the documentary that the early relationship of David and Victoria couple could also be screened. The source said everyone in David’s family was an archivist, saying David’s record had been recorded from the beginning of his career, with all local newspaper reports, school records, and team photos being collected.

However, the same source stated that David Beckham’s former teammates Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville could also be involved in the project. The source said that the documentary, which has a value of 16 million pounds, is currently shooting. ‘A camera crew is currently viewing David’s life. They will follow him wherever he goes, showing off the work he has signed worldwide. ‘ He quoted the statement.

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It was stated that the production company Studio 99, founded by Beckham, will also be present in the documentary, which will be about David Beckham and the Beckham family. Beckham, who played in giant teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Los Angeles Galaxy, Milan and PSG, ended his football career in 2013. The documentary, in which Beckham’s story will be told, is planned to be released in 2022.


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