150,000 Dollars Grant to Independent Bitcoin Developer Amiti Uttarwar


150,000 Dollars Grant to Independent Bitcoin Developer. Amiti Uttarwar, a Bitcoin developer, was given a grant of $ 150,000 to continue his work on the Bitcoin network.

A great gesture was made to Amiti Uttarwar, who previously worked in Coinbase and now in Xapo . BitMEX and OKCoin gave Uttarwar a large amount of grants to continue developing the Bitcoin network.

BitMEX has been giving grants to those who have been trying to develop Bitcoin for some time and to fix the problems in the Bitcoin protocol. A few weeks ago, the company awarded a grant of $ 100,000 to another Bitcoin developer named Gleb Naumenko. In July 2019, Michael Ford (Fanquake) was given $ 150,000. But all BTC developers that BitMEX has provided financial assistance to date were all male.

Amiti Uttarwar became the first female developer to receive a grant from BitMEX. Uttarwar, working on sensitive data stored on Bitcoin nodes, is responsible for update # 18038 on the network.

Work in Progress

Ut # 18038 update, developed by Uttarwar, allows information about Bitcoin transactions to be shared less frequently . Bitcoin users can protect their personal data more effectively thanks to the work of Uttarwar. The PR # 18038 update can actually be considered a continuation of the PR # 16698 update. Because the mission of # 16698 update is to keep sensitive data transmitted through transactions confidential .

Uttarwar seems to continue working on the Bitcoin network with a $ 150,000 grant from BitMEX and OKCoin. Saying that he “enjoyed” developing Bitcoin , Uttarwar would like to thank BitMEX and OKCoin for their support. OKCoin CEO Hong Fang also comments on their decision:

“As a company, one of our top priorities (like Uttarwar) is to support independent developers. Because we want Bitcoin to be successful in the future. ”

BitMEX CTO Sam Reed made a similar statement, emphasizing how important it is for Bitcoin’s future to support names like Uttarwar.


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