15 years: Wayne and Annemarie Carpendale are madly in love with each other


Wayne (45) and Annemarie Carpendale (44) are still over the moon. In 2007, the actor and the presenter met and fell in love with each other. Six years later, the couple dared to take the next step: they said yes. In 2018, the love of TV stars was crowned with the birth of a son, Mads. Annemarie has now made it clear online that this is still as important as it was at the beginning: for her 15th birthday, she shared an old snapshot of herself and her loved one.

“15 years ago… if we had known then,” the 44—year-old captioned the last photo on Instagram, adding a series of emojis designed to represent her life with Wayne. Annemarie also marked the post with the hashtags #itslove (English: this is love) and #tobecontinued (english: to be continued). The TV presenter made it clear how happy she is married to a 45-year-old.

Just a few days before, the actor of the “Rural Doctor” dedicated several touching lines to his wife. “Married for 9 years, together for 15 years. Not bad for a couple of electronic celebrities, isn’t it?” – the family man wrote with pride on Instagram. He was also delighted with his wife: the presenter was the “most valuable person” he had met in his life so far.


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