15 TV shows that are worth watching after I finish “Love Hulu, Victor”


Hulu’s Love, Victor has been a hit for Hulu since its premiere. The series is about Victor Salazar, a high school student who has just transferred to Creekwood High School with his family. Over the course of the series, Victor turns to Simon Spyer from the movie “With Love, Simon” as he struggles to understand his sexual orientation and navigate everyday life.

With Love, Victor also became the second most popular original series on Hulu. Given this, it’s safe to assume that most fans have watched the show several times and are ready to find something new to watch.

Updated by Kevin Pantoja on June 16, 2022: The third and final season of the series “Love, Victor” has officially premiered, and now it is available like never before. In addition to being able to stream on Hulu, you can now find the entire series on Disney+. A series that is easy to snack on is one that you are likely to finish quickly, and then you will want more. Fortunately, there are many series like “With Love, Victor” that you can watch on other streaming services.

Ginny and Georgia (2021-present)
Stream on Netflix

One of the biggest and most interesting aspects of Love, Victor is that LGBTQ+ relationships are in the foreground. Most shows in the same vein tend to include romances such as in the case of Ginny and Georgia on Netflix.

The story focuses on the combination of mother and daughter, where the daughter is actually a more mature member of the family. They are struggling to adjust to their new life after moving to a new city. Ginny’s new best friend, Max, is a lesbian, and her budding romance with Sophie has become the highlight of the show.

Euphoria (2019-present)
Stream on HBO Max

Currently, there are not many shows on television that have the same trend as Euphoria. In many ways, the series is similar to a much darker and more mature version of Degrassi: The Next Generation, as the teenagers involved touch on serious topics such as their sexuality, drugs, abuse, violence, and more.

Although the tone in Euphoria certainly does not match With love, Victor, complex and cute teenage characters are well spelled out in both. Again, LGTBQ+ characters play a big role, including the relationship between Ryu and Jules, Nate, Cal, and maybe even Lexi, among others.

Teenage Bounty Hunters (2020)
Stream on Netflix

Although it only lasted one season on Netflix, those who watched Teen Bounty Hunters realize how special this show was. Starring Maddie Phillips and Angelica Bette Fellini as a pair of twins named Sterling and Blair, respectively, who work as bounty hunters, the show was dedicated to their connection.

When Sterling falls in love with another girl, Blair ends up supporting her like a great sister, which is in line with how Pilar supports Victor when he confesses to his family. Once again, this is the case where the bonds forged by these young characters make it tick.

Generation+Ion (2021)
Stream on HBO Max

It’s nice to know that the series “With Love, Victor” has lasted up to three seasons, because too often TV shows about LGBTQ+ characters are canceled too early. One of the series that fall into this category is the HBO series “Generation +Ion”, which lasted only one season.

The show is very similar to Euphoria in the way it tells about teenagers exploring romance, sexuality, domestic problems and more, although it is a little more lighthearted. This makes it perfect for fans Love, Victor.

Heartbreaker (2022-present)
Stream on Netflix

The most recent LGBTQ+ show that the whole world is talking about is Heartstopper. Based on the graphic novel of the same name, the romantic comedy series tells the story of a teenager named Charlie who falls in love with his classmate Nick as their incredible friendship becomes something more.

The show has been met with widespread acclaim due to its performances, writing, music, representation of the LGBTQ+ community and almost all other aspects. Netflix quickly picked it up for next season, and fans can’t wait to see more.

I’ve never been (2020-present)
Stream on Netflix

The Netflix drama series about growing up, “Never I Never,” is about Devi, a first-generation Indian-American high school student who is still going through the unexpected and traumatic death of her father, trying to reinvent herself and make herself more popular in high school.

Never Have I Ever is a great show that is worth watching after Love, Victor – because it is the same in tone. The action of both series takes place in high school and tells about teenagers who solve serious problems that go beyond adolescence. In addition, they both show love triangles and deal with the complexities of teenage sexuality.

Sheets Creek (2015-2020)
Stream on Netflix

The sitcom Schitt’s Creek on Pop TV tells the story of a rich Rose family who found themselves completely ruined thanks to their business manager.