15-thousand-year-old viruses found in a glacier in Tibet


US researchers discovered 15,000-year-old viruses in a sample from a glacier in Tibet. The age of the viruses was calculated based on the age of the glacier in Tibet.

A team of researchers from Ohio State University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discovered a 15,000-year-old group of viruses in samples taken from a glacier in Tibet. The ice core that a group of researchers took from a glacier on the Tibetan Plateau in 1992 also addressed the age of the viruses.

Some of the ice core samples were stored in cold storage for further work. In 2015, another research team collected ice core samples from the same glacier again and stored some in the cold storage for further research. In recent research, however, scientists began to examine what organisms are present in ice cores.

28 types of viruses that modern science is not aware of have been identified:
In both sample collection processes, the teams were not sure whether their equipment was polluting the ice cores. For this reason, the team in the last investigation took care to clean the specimens in case of contamination during the first collection and then not to contaminate the nuclei.

Working with the freezer to get a pure sample, the researchers separated the outer layers of each core. Each sample was then washed with ethanol to melt 0.2 inches (0.50 centimeters). The beans were then washed with distilled water to melt again 0.50 centimeters. In the examinations conducted after the same cleaning process was applied to the ice beans known to be covered with viruses and bacteria, and the test samples were created, a total of 33 groups of viruses, 28 of which were unknown to modern science, were identified.

Researchers; They think that ice cores from different regions contain different viruses, which is because the cores represent different time and climate characteristics. It is said that as glaciers melt due to global warming, deadly viruses can emerge, and in this case, the importance of research done by scientists may increase.


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